Little Big Bingo Winners for This Week.

Little Big Bingo

If I were to ever find myself lacking in news stories whilst scouring the internet for bingo related tales, not this could ever happen you understand, then simply by reporting on those big money wins, I could still easily fill the quota and give you gamers something interesting to read.

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Sure, we all enjoy news of a promotional nature, as well as some of the more random tales to come out of the online gaming community, but stories which produce a good feeling of positivity like these winners tales will always bring a smile to my face at least as they simply go to show that, despite how it might come across sometimes, bingo sites do pay out huge sums of money on a regular basis and even if you are currently lacking in this department, if these gamers can win big, then so can you!

Well, one site which is constantly being updated in terms of the big money wins they deliver is Little Big Bingo. Now, this is an online gaming site which will be familiar to many of you readers, but if you are unfamiliar with their take on the whole online gaming experience, prepare to be instantly convinced of their ability!

Yes, there have been many big winners made at this site of late, including 'foxymish' who claimed just under a grand this week. Also, the gamer who plays under the name of 'maureenmitchell' claimed a similar amount of cash and I'm sure both these gamers would have been chuffed to receive such amounts of cash.

Still, the grand barrier has been smashed twice this week already and the gamers 'showmethequaan' and 'pieman49' have both won amounts in the region of £1,300! Not bad at all!

To see some of the fine games which have created these winnings in action, why not nip on over to the Little Big Bingo site when you next get a chance?

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