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The biggest issue with writing these articles sometimes is making certain news stories feel different to others which have preceded them. For example, we often bring you gamers news of big wins and important victories,but it can be a real problem trying to make these articles sound different and these introductory passages can be a pain to pen sometimes.

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Well, the best option then is to jump right in and give you gamers the finer details, so that is what I'm going to do right now folks. No clever introductions, just cold hard facts. See, Game On Bingo is the site in question today, and they've not let us down either! There have been some cracking wins at this site over the last couple of days and, as you might expect, many of them are thanks to the side games at this very pleasing online bingo site.

For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'jules5900' won over a grand at this site in recent times and, as you might imagine was chuffed to bits with her victory! However, this lucky gamer has not come near to challenging the top weekly winner at the Game On Bingo site. No, that accolade goes to the very lucky 'ohmygaud' who no doubt uttered those very words when they discovered a fantastic £4,685 in their account! Wonderful stuff indeed.

Of course, when a bingo site pays out accounts of cash such as these, it is important to let you gamers know as it points to a bit of a trend. So, with this information in mind folks, Game On Bingo looks like a good place to play at the minute, as I'm sure these lucky winners would testify!

Head over to Game On Bingo today to join the list of lucky bingo winners!

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