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Birthdays, sadly, seem to get slightly less pleasant every year. Sure, it's just a natural part of getting older. See, long gone are the days when you'd rush downstairs on a morning to see what kind of presents lurked about the place whilst your parents sleepily and reluctantly got up to share your special morning with you.

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Instead, once you get to about the age of 23 it would seem, the sheer number of socks you receive increase massively. Sure, we all need socks, but it's hard to get too excited about them no? Well, if you happen to be a bingo lover, then your birthdays are still very much a special event, especially if you happen to play your bingo over at the super popular Golden Hat Bingo site, where everybody can enjoy a birthday bonus.

Now, ask yourselves folks, what would you rather have, free cash or yet another pair of novelty socks? There is no comparison now is there? Well, at Golden Hat Bingo, if you happen to deposit cash on your special day, you will receive a 50% bonus on top of whatever amount you happen to pop into your account that day. Now, this is the kind of present we'd all like to receive, even if it is pretty hard to wrap!

So, if you are, like most of us, getting older, perhaps you'll enjoy a fleeting trip over to the Golden Hat Bingo site. After all, this is one website which not only celebrates your birthday with you in style, it also offers up the kind of deal which could make anyone forget about their age!

Head over to Golden Hat Bingo today for bingo bonuses galore!

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