Game On Bingo Offers Up a Cheeky Weekend Prize Selection

Game On Bingo

Now, most online bingo sites will offer you gamers a unique take on prizes, as a concept. That is to say that you are unlikely to be offered up the same prize at one site as you might at another, even though many sites do offer up similar promotions.

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Well, I suppose this might well have something to do with lawsuits, but looking at it from a less cynical point of view, it also means that you gamers can easily choose the site which is right for you.

For example, if you are after X-Factor tickets, join a site which offers them up like Heart Bingo! It's pretty simple stuff. Well, if you are perhaps something of a random character who enjoys all of life's little surprises, then you might well want to pay the Game On Bingo site a visit this coming weekend because this is a bingo site which certainly offers up some very odd little prizes.

From table tennis sets to make-up kits, this is one bingo website which likes to keep you gamers on your toes and, although we all love a good old fashioned big money event, it can also be rather rewarding to find a site which offers something a little different.

Well, this weekend you gamers can expect to play for one of three cocktail sets. Brilliant! It's a fine prize and if you fancy getting hold of one of these lovely prizes and testing your cocktail making abilities, you will need to bingo on the letter 'c' pattern this weekend. More details, including terms and conditions can be found over at the Game On Bingo site.

Make like Tom Cruise in Cocktail and create your own drinks with a cocktail set from Game On Bingo!

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