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Little Big Bingo

Whenever we stumble across a page full of winners on the net, it can bring about a flurry of emotions in a small space of time. Sure, you gamers out there who are used to winning will no doubt be feeling rather smug right about now, and so you should, but for those of us who are not used to the sensation, reading a large list of lucky gamers can bring about a certain case of the green eyed monster.

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 Still, like I always say when I'm about to write an article which strongly features gamers who have been much luckier than you or me, this is meant to inspire you! No, it really is! See, if these gamers can win big, then so can you.

Still, by the looks of things, the gamers I am about to mention might well have had one small advantage over you. They played at Little Big Bingo yesterday and therefore they had very good chances of claiming a fine slice of the pie, as the pots at this site are very impressive indeed.

There were for example tons of gamers who won cash prizes over at the Little Big Bingo site yesterday, but few of these gamers would have been expecting a win, like yourselves. Still, many of these lucky folks even managed to claim over a grand for their troubles. Take the gamer who plays under the alias of 'lucky33'. This gamer lived up to his name and won a fine £1,297 at the site yesterday. Still, the big win has yet to be mentioned.

Yes, the £2,000 barrier was smashed down by the gamer 'chris2608' and we can only congratulate this lucky devil. Still, it goes to show folks that the big money wins are out there you just need to find them!

Win big bingo cash prizes over at Little Big Bingo today where the pots are anything but small!

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